4 Ways to Glow Up in 2017

With the New Year finally upon us there is no better time to push to be a better version of ourselves. Whether it’s pursuing a new hobby that you have always been interested in to doubling up your water intake, now is the time to begin the year with a fresh and focused start. Here at OURS we’ve marked 2017 as the ‘The Glow Up’ year and we too have resolutions and tons of new content that we are excited to provide you all.

Here are 4 tips that will help you glow from the inside out this year. Let us know how you plan on tackling on 2017 below!

1. Planning is Key

Super ready to glow up this year? Planning is definitely the key to accomplishing your goals. Start off by purchasing a planner and take out the time to write out any resolutions you may have. Having a planner/calendar will allow you to start off organized and prepared for the new year. 

2. Increase Healthy Eating Habits

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We know it's definitely easier said then done but it improving eating habits should be on the 'To Do' list this new year. Improving your health by increasing water intake and adding more fruits and veggies into your diet will contribute heavily to that healthy skin glow that we all crave. 

3. Create a Fitness Regimine


Being fit and eating healthy definitely goes hand in hand. If you aren't a fitness fanatic, try incorporated at least one or two of your favorite work outs every week. Grab some of your friends for fun cardio which in turn will allow your body to release serotonin (neurotransmitter that leads to happiness). 

3. Kill em With Confidence 

How you view yourself is a major key to your new year glow up. The more time you spend building, investing, and focusing on yourself, the more both you and others will notice your true glow.